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About Us


Our Approach

We meet with the owners, users, and assorted stakeholders to understand the goals of the project. This is to document the needs, requirements, goals, and desires of the project team. We will carefully draw out what the owners define as success.

We work with the project team to assure that all systems and components of a building are designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained according to the identified success of operational requirements of the owner and users.

Our Story

Georgia Engineering LLC has a focus on professional facility services to assist owners and stakeholders to start, operate, and maintain successful facility operations. Some organizations approach a project and view success by how many issues they can find and document.

Our view of success is in resolving the issues as found. I really enjoy working in the commissioning field to both assure a facility is operating properly and teaching the stakeholders how to maintain that operational status.

Joby Evans

Joby Evans Commissioning Engineer / Technical Lead

John B. (Joby) Evans, Jr. has been in the engineering field for over 30 years. He is a Registered Professional Engineer, Licensed Mechanical Contractor, Certified Building Commissioning Professional and maintains energy management certifications.

The most recent 15 years in facility commissioning. Earlier in his career he performed HVAC design and facility support functions.

Most of his commissioning experience is in high containment laboratory facilities; BSL-3, BSL-3Ag and BSL-4. He has also performed commissioning, re-commissioning, and retro-commissioning on many non-containment facilities including headquarters facilities, hangers, office buildings, museums, etc.

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