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Assuring your facility meets your requirements

We assist the owner and the construction team to ensure that the facility delivered performs as specified and meets project requirements.

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Facility Commissioning and Verification

Primarily focused on mission critical facilities such as biological containment laboratories (BSL-3, BSL-3Ag, BSL-4). We test, verify, and document that a facility is fully functional and meets the specified acceptance criteria.

Facility Recommissioning Retro-Commissioning and Assessment

Services to optimize the operations of an existing facility. Recommissioning restores a facility back to its original commissioned operating conditions.

Retro-commissioning optimizes operating conditions of a facility that was never commissioned. Assessments are to identify and document issues, known and unknown, and to recommend solutions to address them.

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Facility Standard Operating Procedures

Develop facility standard operating procedures to lay out the protocols for routine maintenance or for emergency repairs to critical equipment or systems.

LEED Commissioning

Perform Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED commissioning for the certification program.  We perform both the prerequisite Fundamental Commissioning and the Enhanced Commissioning under the Energy and Atmosphere heading.

We perform these activities under the current version of the LEED process, V.4.

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